5 ways to maintain a healthy spine!


From spinal stenosis and herniated disc to strained muscles, it may take some time to diagnose as well as treat the causes of back pain. Spinal cord health is an essential for the body as it provides support to the body. An unhealthy spinal cord can result in various complicated problems.

Given below are 5 important exercises in order to maintain a healthy spine:

  1. Working out on core muscles can help you to maintain a healthy and fit spine. Your core muscles include the muscles of your lower back and abdominal muscles. These muscles together render support to your spine. So working out on them can result in a healthy spine.
  1. Regular walking or jogging can also give you a strong spine. All age groups can do regular walking or brisk walking to maintain a healthy spinal cord. Daily walking can help in recovering from various spinal problems as well as spinal stenosis.
  1. Swimming is also a good exercise for maintaining a healthy spinal cord. Swimming aids to work out on all back muscles and thus, provides you a fit spinal cord.
  1. Lying down straight with your face down on a form and even surface for around twenty minutes can help you to get a fit spinal cord and also a good body posture.
  1. Cycling is another way to achieve a healthy spine. With cycling, all back muscles and the muscles of the lower part of the body are involved in physical activity. if your lower back muscles are strong, then it can help you to keep your spine healthy.

Apart from these exercises, stretching your limbs and other stretching exercises are also beneficial for a fit spine. But one should recommend a doctor before doing any exercise, get the best doctors in Bangalore for any spinal cord problem.


5 ways to prevent Meningitis

5 ways to prevent Meningitis

Meningitis – it is a condition when an individual experience inflammation of the brain and spinal cord membranes, mostly caused by an infection. We cannot prevent all the forms of Meningitis, but few measures can help us to lower the risk of getting infected by bacteria and viruses as well as reduce the chances of getting this nasty disease.

Besides, making sure that your vaccinations are up-to-date, there are other ways to prevent meningitis such as by practicing good hygiene and keep yourself generally healthy.

  • Avoid sharing  personal items

Meningitis can be transferred when you come in contact with throat or respiratory secretions such as sputum, saliva, and nasal mucus of an infected person, either through sharing personal items or kissing.

Spreading of meningitis can be prevented by not sharing personal items, including straws, toothbrushes, water bottles, drinking glasses, silverware, lip glosses or lipsticks, and cigarettes.

  • Wash your hands properly    

This virus resembles influenza and cold viruses, so the spread of meningitis virus can be reduced by thorough hand hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly as much as possible especially after being in crowded public places, using the washroom, or touching animals. Wash both front and back side of your hands with soap or hand wash liquid.

  • Boost your immune system

When ever get an infection, your immune system triggers on and works to combat it off. A healthy immune system can aid prevent an infection from the bacteria and viruses that cause meningitis. One should eat healthy food to keep their immune system at its best fighting condition. Healthy eating, include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins.

  • Stay away from infected people

The infection causing bacteria found in nose and throat secretions can also spread through sneezing and coughing. You are prone to get meningitis if you’re in close association with an infected person to come in direct contact with a throat as well as nose secretions. If you know anyone with a respiratory infection, keep at least 3 feet distance away from the line of fire of any coughing.

  • Stay alert

If you have been in close association with an infected person, call your healthcare provider right away. Your doctor will recommend you some antibiotics to keep you from getting meningitis.

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