green chilies – 7 reasons you must have them!


The kitchen seems incomplete without green chilies, it is also believed to have a great role to enhance the taste of a dish by many folds. The goodness green chili is not only limited to being a taste enhancer but it is also a powerhouse vitamin and other health beneficial elements. But, consuming green chilies in excess may become more harmful than beneficial. So, consumption of green chilies regularly on a limited amount is considered to be healthy. Booking an online doctor appointment in Bangalore has become easier with

Given below are some of the amazing health benefits of eating green chilies:

  • Help with weight loss

Green chilies not only come with a zero calorie count, but they also fasten the body’s metabolism to a significant amount. This would be great news for people who are trying to maintain a healthy body weight.

  • Mood enhancer

The hormone endorphin is known for enhancing the moods to a great extent. Capsaicin is an active component found in green chili, which acts as a catalyst in accelerating the secretion of endorphins to a greater level.

  • Loaded with antioxidants

Green chilies are known as the powerhouse of antioxidants that act as a defensive shield while protecting the body from the lethal effects of the free radicals. They also have antibacterial properties that protect the body from various infections and other associated symptoms as well as discomfort.

  • Great for diabetics

Green chilies can potentially bring a reduction in the blood sugar level. As per the studies, chilies cut down the body’s need for insulin that ultimately leads to lower blood sugar level.

  • Boost circulation

Green chilies work wonders to improve cholesterol levels and thin blood making them best for heart health.

  • Powerhouse of B-carotene and vitamin C

We all know that B-carotene is really important for healthy eyes. On the other hand, vitamin C does wonders to the skin by enhancing the production of collagen and also slows down the process of aging.

  • Fight infection

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of green chilies help to fight infection.


effective & simple ways to manage menopause


This phase would be extremely difficult for some women because along with other symptoms they also tend to put on extra mass during menopause. One has to learn that weight gain during menopause is inevitable. Weight gain during menopause helps in preparing your body against osteoporosis and several other illnesses. Now it’s very easy to get doctor’s appointment book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore with

Instead of being sad about your unwanted weight gain and attempts to fit into your old clothes, try to live a healthy and active life. Given below are few tips to manage menopause:

  • Avoid junk food

Start by cutting off the junk food from your daily diet. Your body could handle a few bars of chocolates per week or an outside meal, but after menopause, it cannot! To avoid the excess intake of such foods for the few weeks and check if it works for you. Try to depend more on fruits and vegetables.

  • Stay away from crash diets

Keeping your body away from food for a long time will only cause your metabolism to slow down and make you gain more weight in the later life. Seek the help of a nutritionist who can aid you to rebalance your hormone with the help of healthy food and nutrients. This would help you get rid of extra pounds.

  • Avoid losing large amounts of weight

Being very thin will increase the chances of developing osteoporosis.

  • Limit caffeine intake

Control your consumption of nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. These can intensify water retention.

  • Stay active

Practice aerobic to fasten your metabolism and burn fat.

  • Vitamin D3 is a good escape

Make sure to take calcium and D3 to prevent body pain and ache, bone degeneration, and hair loss.

  • Calcium-rich foods help

Munch on low-fat freshly set curd or a bowl of thin dal, whenever you are hungry.

  • Eat spinach

Include spinach in your daily diet. It is loaded with fiber, antioxidants, calcium, bone strengthening magnesium, and vitamin K. Spinach reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, cataracts, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease. Cook it with garlic and tomato or eat it raw as a salad.

things pregnancy does to your body


Pregnancy is a wonderful, beautiful, and special time in every woman’s life, but it is also super hard. It is a beast, which seriously takes a charge over your body. Apart from filled with the joy of pregnancy, there are other key factors that you need to pay attention. You must be aware of the health and body concerns that pregnancy brings into your life, along with joy and happiness. Book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore in case of an emergency with

Here are an important health and bodily changes caused by pregnancy.

A bloated belly

This is the most prominent feature of pregnancy, which keeps expanding along with the size of your baby in the womb. Shrinking that belly back to normal is very difficult but an effective diet plan and physical activities can help to achieve the same.

Hair loss

Hair thinning is another common feature seen during pregnancy. You will experience hair loss due to unexplained reasons, but there is no need worry because it is temporary.

Increased shoe size

One of the biggest woes of pregnancy journey is swollen feet. As your body put on weight there is a lot of pressure on the feet, which become swollen and often painful.

Emotional troubles

Pregnancy causes too many emotions or mood swings, e.g. one moment you are happy and another moment you are sad. These emotions are usually associated with pregnancy and may change from time to time.

Uncontrollable cravings

 These uncontrollable cravings play a major role in unwanted weight gain during pregnancy. Starting from sweet to savories, your body craves for all and you simply can’t resist it.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are like your pregnancy tattoos, which usually appear on your boobs and stomach.

foods to avoid during polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD)


What is PCOD?

PCOD is a disorder that is initiated by a hormonal imbalance. Women with PCOS have higher levels of androgen, which is also known as male hormones. To know more about polycystic ovarian disorder (COD) refer to the previous article all you need to know about polycystic ovary syndrome (Pcos)

Women with PCOD should be very careful about their eating habits especially the food that can bring about a great deal of change in one’s health. Just like there are foods that can help in dealing with PCOD, there are also some foods suggested by the healthcare provider one should cut off totally if you are suffering from PCOD/PCOS. Find doctors in Bangalore and you can also book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore to ask any queries about PCOS/PCOD to get an effective treatment.


Milk, as well as milk products, cause a rise in testosterone levels. It has a protein that limits normal testosterone level in the body. As a result, testosterone has not managed that lead to higher levels of testosterone in the body. In PCOD woman the testosterone levels are already high, and dairy products just worsen the problem.

·Foods with high GI (Glycemic Index)

Foods having a high GI cause a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Foods with a high GI that you should avoid include muffins, white rice, cakes, mashed potatoes, and rice cakes.

·Unhealthy Fats

If you have PCOD cut off red meat, dairy products, processed foods, and fatty foods from your diet.

·Soy products

Studies suggest that soy has been associated with delayed ovulation. So, women having PCOD should avoid soy products especially those who are trying to conceive.

find doctor nearby bangalore

Find a Doctor:





How to find the best health doctor:

1) Your health practitioner must care approximately you as a character. Every affected person has her very own tale-no longer just of contamination and symptoms, however additionally who she is as someone. Your health doctor has to take the time to get to recognize you. Not handiest is that the satisfactory manner to honestly discover approximately your contamination and therefore that will help you, listening to your tale shows that your physician sincerely cares about you. The time you’ve got together with your medical doctor can be restricted, and now and again you could even be meeting your doctor for the first time. However, you may get the feel pretty fast if the health practitioner is virtually filling out a tick list or if he without a doubt cares approximately you and your tale.

2) Your doctor must value the partnership she has with you. health care must not be about the doctor telling you what to do; instead, your health practitioner has to contain you to your care as an equal companion. She needs to concentrate on your story, answer your questions, and actively contain you in each step of the diagnostic and decision-making manner. This is not simply tipping provider; you must sense that your opinion subjects.

3) Your health doctor ought to see the medical practice as a lifestyles-long getting to know the procedure. Your health practitioner has to be willing to research and to refine her practice with every affected person, striving to get better as opposed to stagnating in cookbook patterns and algorithms.

4) Your physician has to be inclined to invite for help. This isn’t to intend that medical doctors should not suppose for themselves; there are many times whilst a number one care medical doctor can resolve a trouble and also you do not need a referral, for instance. However, if there may be an especially complicated or complicated case, your physician ought to be willing to appearance up records and/or are looking for assistance from others. Asking for help does now not equate incompetence; rather, it must grow your faith in your physician’s potential and humility.

5) Your doctor needs to prioritize your prognosis. As we talk approximately in our e-book, When Doctors Don’t Listen, your prognosis is essential on your information of your contamination and to the whole thing else that follows. Your doctor should make certain that you are provided an analysis at the crease of your go to.

how to get online doctor appointment in bangalore


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What are the best ways to reduce blood LDL cholesterol

How can I reduce my blood LDL cholesterol degree?


You can reduce your blood LDL cholesterol level through editing your lifestyle and weight loss program. This consists of maintaining a healthful weight through exercise and having a healthy balanced food plan. If your blood LDL cholesterol degree does no longer attain an acceptable range regardless of lifestyle and diet change, your health practitioner may also prescribe cholesterol-reducing remedy.


Tips to decrease your LDL cholesterol

  1.  Keeps overall fat consumption among 25 to 35 according to cent of calories for adults, with maximum fat coming from assets of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat?
  2. Consume no greater than 5 to six according to cent of energy from saturated fats and no more than 300 mg cholesterol consistent with the day.
  3. Keep Tran’s fats consumption minimum. It ought to make contributions less than 1 in keeping with a cent of everyday strength intake.
  4. When selecting and preparing meat, fowl, dry beans, and milk or milk products, make alternatives which might be lean, low-fat or fat-free. Choose fish, skinless hen, and lean meat.
  5. Aim for at the least ‘2+2’ – 2 servings of fruits and a pair of servings of vegetables consistent with a day. Foods high in fiber, e.g. Plant ingredients and entire grains can help lessen your danger of coronary heart sickness.
  6. Additionally, meals that are wealthy insoluble fibre, e.g. Oats, barley, beans and pectin-rich fruit may additionally assist to lessen LDL cholesterol inside the body, therefore lowering your danger of heart ailment.
  7. Maintain a healthy body weight. Being overweight or overweight will increase your probabilities of having a low HDL-C, a high LDL-C and high triglycerides*.
  8. Triglycerides*, that are produced in the liver, are another type of fats discovered in the blood and in food. Increased degrees of triglycerides within the blood can be because of being overweight/obese, sedentary existence, cigarette smoking, extra alcohol intake, and a food regimen very excessive in carbohydrates (60 in line with the cent of calories or better).
  9. Exercise often – aim for 150 minutes of physical hobby every week. Regular physical pastime allows you to manage your weight and therefore help lower your LDL-C and triglycerides, and raise HDL-C, enhance the fitness of your coronary heart and lungs, and lower blood stress.
  10. Stopping smoking because it increases triglycerides and growth HDL-C.
  11. Avoid alcohol. However in case you are making plans to drink, restrict alcohol consumption to no more than 2 well-known beverages for men and 1 widespread drink for women in an afternoon.

What is Tran’s fat? Is it honestly awful for my fitness?


Tran’s fats are discovered mostly in foods that have been hydrogenated. Hydrogenation is a manner in which hydrogen is delivered to unsaturated fats to make it extra strong and stable at room temperature. The principal assets of Tran’s fat inside the food regimen are partially hydrogenated (hardened) oils observed in foods consisting of cookies, crackers, pastries and fried meals. These fats are delivered for flavor, texture and to preserve freshness or enlarge shelf existence.


The major subject with Tran’s fat is that it raises the danger of coronary heart sickness by growing LDL-C cholesterol and decreasing HDL-C cholesterol. Tran’s fats also occur naturally in dairy merchandise and some meat merchandise; however, those obviously taking place Trans fats have no longer been proven to increase the danger of heart disease.

What are plant sterols? Are they secure and top for me?

Plant sterols, on occasion, referred to as phytosterols, clearly taking place chemical compounds discovered in vegetation. They also are observed clearly in some vegetable oils, nuts, grain merchandise, the end result, and veggies. The plant sterols utilized in food merchandise are taken from soybean and tall pine-tree oils, combined with a small amount of canola oil. Although the details aren’t absolutely understood, plant sterols have a comparable chemical structure as LDL cholesterol. Some research has proven plant sterols have an LDL-cholesterol decreasing impact.