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online doctor appointment


Schedule online doctor appointment to meet up and inquire a doctor about your health concerns. Cure plus is a healthcare service in Bangalore, Then We offer medical services across all major specialties.


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Cure plus is the primary online resource for you to find satisfactory healthcare service in Bangalore.

Our website is dedicated to sharing records, critiques, and remarks for docs, healthcare professionals, emergency health specialists and additionally hospitals and clinics placed around Bangalore.

Seek by using city inclusive of Nicosia, limas sol, Larnaca, Paphos and ammocoetes to find your ideal medical doctor.

Find out to be had doctors, discover their profiles and find out about their know-how earlier than you go to.

Whether you’re seeking out dentists, cardiologists or orthopedics docs, you will experience assured with the consequences you acquire from cure plus.

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Online Doctor Appointment

Online Doctor Appointment

Search for specialized doctors based totally in your problem. You can find doctors and hospitals that focus on Dental Care, Skin Care, Mental Health, Otolaryngologist Care, Pregnancy, Thyroid, Ayurveda, Heart, Eyes/Ophthalmology, Children/Pediatrics, Homeopathy, Hair Transplant, Obesity/Weight Loss, Diabetes and many extra.


  • Type in the treatment you’re looking for and doctor will come up with a list of proven medical doctors so one can pick out from.
  • Search for doctors/clinic/diagnostic based on their uniqueness, sanatorium or doctor call.
  • Listings based totally on place, availability and consultation fees.
  • View medical doctor profiles with qualifications, awards and more statistics
  • See hospitals information which include timings, session prices, sanatorium Address and photographs
  • Provide comments at the medical doctor and health facility experience submit your appointment.
  • Create an affected person account with a Google and Facebook join up.

When Would I Choose cure plus Service?

  • Cure plus offerings are an amazing response for patients who are confused concerning choice of the correct physician or hospital.
  • With our services patients can examine prices among one-of-a-kind hospitals, sanatorium or diagnostic centers.
  • Patients can preserve a medical history as well as fitness statistics. Patients may even share their fitness records just in a single tap.
  • With services like ours it’s also handy to get medicines. All you want to do is to forward your prescription to the chemist and medicines could be introduced at your home.

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Book Online Doctor Appointment:

Booking Online Doctor Appointment means the reception people have extra time for you while you arrive on submit an application.

They’re not looking to manage mobile bookings with sufferers which might be currently in the exercise.

This makes the visit to the doctors a better enjoy for you and actually enables the reception group as well.

Cure plus is Bangalore largest online booking gadget with 60,000 sufferers touring our website online every month to discover health practitioners.

We don’t just have bookings on the website; we also provide a range of statistics to help you make a choice approximately which health practitioner to see.

There’s an in-depth profile of each exercise, you may search easily for bulk billing practices, see health practitioner profiles, see comments and feedback from patients which have visited the exercise, and more.

So if you need an online doctor appointment, e-book with Cure plus these days. Use our look for device below




healthy diet habits to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome


It is quite natural to feel physically or mentally exhausted after a working day or after your extra effort into your normal routine. But if the exhaustion or fatigue lasts for more than 6 months and you see no improvement even with a proper bed rest or worsens after mental effort or physical exercise, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

The symptoms could be severe headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, impaired mental concentration, sore throat, painful lymph nodes, and gastrointestinal problems like constipation, nausea, bloating, and sensitivity to noise, light, certain foods as well as alcohol. Book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore with Cureplus.

Like any other health problem, chronic fatigue syndrome can be curbed with lifestyle and diet changes.

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Online doctor tips in Bangalore


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Online Doctors Tips

Now a day each person is online because it serves as a positive medium to add medical data and to fastener up with doctors online, even though both parties are at a distance. There are websites which might be being pretty utilized by the people as they, not handiest resolve issues related to reorganizing health care, but additionally, provide advantages which might be precise to online techniques.

Finding doctors, clinics, hospitals or every other health care:

When technology performs this kind of big role in this day’s global, why no longer connect it? After all, health, whether or not mental or physical, is considered to be your first priority and one has to take care of it tactfully.

How to stay healthy this winter season


Winter season is around the corner and also microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses that bring colds and flu. The drop in temperature and closed windows and doors make the best environment for viruses to thrive indoors.

People with low immunity level are vulnerable to catch the latest bug to hit town. Here are some ways you can protect your risk of catching colds and flu. Now you can easily book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore with Cureplus.

·Keep warm

Granny’s remedy always works – keep yourself warm to avoid colds, coughs, and flu. After a mild, pleasant autumn, one has to experience a sudden icy snap that will make us feel cold and start to shiver.

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