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Struggling to get doctors and hospitals near you? Cure Plus provides an entire list of professional network doctors in Bangalore near you to meet all your necessities. Click here and get contact with the whole list of doctors.


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Online Doctor Appointment

Online Doctor Appointment

Search for specialized doctors based totally in your problem. You can find doctors and hospitals that focus on Dental Care, Skin Care, Mental Health, Otolaryngologist Care, Pregnancy, Thyroid, Ayurveda, Heart, Eyes/Ophthalmology, Children/Pediatrics, Homeopathy, Hair Transplant, Obesity/Weight Loss, Diabetes and many extra.


  • Type in the treatment you’re looking for and doctor will come up with a list of proven medical doctors so one can pick out from.
  • Search for doctors/clinic/diagnostic based on their uniqueness, sanatorium or doctor call.
  • Listings based totally on place, availability and consultation fees.
  • View medical doctor profiles with qualifications, awards and more statistics
  • See hospitals information which include timings, session prices, sanatorium Address and photographs
  • Provide comments at the medical doctor and health facility experience submit your appointment.
  • Create an affected person account with a Google and Facebook join up.

When Would I Choose cure plus Service?

  • Cure plus offerings are an amazing response for patients who are confused concerning choice of the correct physician or hospital.
  • With our services patients can examine prices among one-of-a-kind hospitals, sanatorium or diagnostic centers.
  • Patients can preserve a medical history as well as fitness statistics. Patients may even share their fitness records just in a single tap.
  • With services like ours it’s also handy to get medicines. All you want to do is to forward your prescription to the chemist and medicines could be introduced at your home.

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How to find the best doctor in Bangalore:

But nowadays, sufferers have an expanding array of referral assets, price-based services and unfastened online tools to find locate the right doctor — from coverage organizations, authorities companies, and private groups.

Here are approaches for patients to mine the developing pool of records to help make their choice:

Start With Your Health Plan:

Long a source of basic details — contact information, gender, schooling and maybe language skill-ability — fitness-plan networks now consist of some physicians tagged with overall performance labels, essentially suggestions that patients use those doctors over others within the networks.

Give the Doctor a Check-Up:

Health plans may additionally ensure that their doctors meet minimal licensing requirements, but it doesn’t harm to check for you. You can look up a medical doctor’s license reputation unfastened with each state’s regulator; discover a list from the State Medical Boards.

Many doctors also are licensed in single or extra specialties, a process governed by the Indian Board of Medical Specialties and other organizations. Advocates call it an awesome indication that the physician maintains up with the sphere; to get licensed, doctors need to skip a written examination and undergo a fellowship program for distinctiveness education.

Look at the Hospitals:

Picking an awesome sanatorium might also give you a leg up on choosing a medical doctor. That’s because health-plan lists frequently consist of clinic affiliations, and medical doctors at a given hospital frequently follow some of the identical practices.

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Online Doctors Tips

Now a day each person is online because it serves as a positive medium to add medical data and to fastener up with doctors online, even though both parties are at a distance. There are websites which might be being pretty utilized by the people as they, not handiest resolve issues related to reorganizing health care, but additionally, provide advantages which might be precise to online techniques.

Finding doctors, clinics, hospitals or every other health care:

When technology performs this kind of big role in this day’s global, why no longer connect it? After all, health, whether or not mental or physical, is considered to be your first priority and one has to take care of it tactfully.

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How to find the best health doctor:

1) Your health practitioner must care approximately you as a character. Every affected person has her very own tale-no longer just of contamination and symptoms, however additionally who she is as someone. Your health doctor has to take the time to get to recognize you. Not handiest is that the satisfactory manner to honestly discover approximately your contamination and therefore that will help you, listening to your tale shows that your physician sincerely cares about you. The time you’ve got together with your medical doctor can be restricted, and now and again you could even be meeting your doctor for the first time. However, you may get the feel pretty fast if the health practitioner is virtually filling out a tick list or if he without a doubt cares approximately you and your tale.

2) Your doctor must value the partnership she has with you. health care must not be about the doctor telling you what to do; instead, your health practitioner has to contain you to your care as an equal companion. She needs to concentrate on your story, answer your questions, and actively contain you in each step of the diagnostic and decision-making manner. This is not simply tipping provider; you must sense that your opinion subjects.

3) Your health doctor ought to see the medical practice as a lifestyles-long getting to know the procedure. Your health practitioner has to be willing to research and to refine her practice with every affected person, striving to get better as opposed to stagnating in cookbook patterns and algorithms.

4) Your physician has to be inclined to invite for help. This isn’t to intend that medical doctors should not suppose for themselves; there are many times whilst a number one care medical doctor can resolve a trouble and also you do not need a referral, for instance. However, if there may be an especially complicated or complicated case, your physician ought to be willing to appearance up records and/or are looking for assistance from others. Asking for help does now not equate incompetence; rather, it must grow your faith in your physician’s potential and humility.

5) Your doctor needs to prioritize your prognosis. As we talk approximately in our e-book, When Doctors Don’t Listen, your prognosis is essential on your information of your contamination and to the whole thing else that follows. Your doctor should make certain that you are provided an analysis at the crease of your go to.