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unhappy doctor’s make for unhappy patients



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An unhappy doctor makes for an unhappy patient:

Today medicine is simply any other career, and doctors have grown to be like all and different else, insecure, discontented and irritating about the destiny.

In surveys, maximum doctor’s specific faded enthusiasm for a curative drug. 84 percent stated that their incomes have been reducing.

For many of us, the process has grown to be handiest that an activity. That mindset isn’t only a problem for docs.

It hurts patients too. Perhaps the maximum serious drawback, however, is that unhappy medical doctor’s make for unhappy patients.

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3 effective back pain hacks at work


Back pain is the most common problem, which affects around 80-90 percent of people. The person undergoes distressful pain due to a muscle spasm that is usually initiated by different ways such as poor posture, chronic inflammation, a sudden bout of continuous movement like shoveling snow, or a twisting move at the wrong angle.

An average office worker spends nearly 8 to 10 hours a day sitting at a desk, often hunched over the desktop to write emails and typing, which also include sitting down for eating and relaxing after work browsing the internet or watching TV. Find the best doctors in Bangalore with Cureplus.

No matter, whether you have a dull, sharp, and constant or a sudden pain could be devastating.

If you’re one who sits all day – these tips can help you to beat back pain.


common causes of flatulence

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What is flatulence?

Flatulence is very common. It is a medical term for passing gas from the digestive system through the anus. It happens when gas gets accumulate inside the digestive system. Get in touch with the best doctors in Bangalore with Cureplus.

Causes of flatulence

  • Beans

An oligosaccharide is a complex carbohydrate found in beans is hard to digest. If you soak the beans overnight, discard the soaking water and cook beans well can reduce the flatulence.

  • Elimination of good bacteria

Lack of good bacteria in the guts can lead to excessive flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive problems. This occurs due to excessive intake of anti-biotic, taking a large amount of sugar and refined flour, consuming pastries and cakes, and non-vegetarian food, which could eradicate colonic flora.

  • Intolerance and allergy

Lactose intolerance and allergic reactions towards milk can increase the accumulation of gas. People having poor tolerance towards foods having high fructose corn syrup and yeast can lead to a lot of stomach cramps and gas formation.

  • Diet high in fiber and carbohydrate

Usually, a diet including lots of starchy foods such as wheat, potato, and past can cause flatulence. Flatulence can result in discomfort and belching.

  • Few vegetables

Vegetables including broccoli, cabbage, onions, turnips, cauliflower, and ginger can cause some gas formation too.

  • Some health conditions

Health conditions like diarrhea, anemia, hemorrhoids, constipation, stomach infection and irritable bowel syndrome can cause flatulence.

symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)


Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety associated disorder in which a person has unwanted, reoccurring thoughts and behaviors that kindle the urge to do something repetitively, which include cleaning, washing, or checking on things. Such behavior can significantly influence a person’s daily activities as well as social interactions. Find the best doctors in Bangalore to treat any mental disorder.

People with OCD fall into the following categories:

  • Washers – these people are afraid of contamination, usually, indulge in cleaning or hand-cleaning compulsions.
  •           Checkers –they repeatedly check things that may harm or put them in danger.
  •      Doubters –such people are having a fear that everything is not perfect something terrible will happen to them.
  •     Counters –in this case, people are obsessed with order and symmetry. They may have some superstitious beliefs about particular color, number, or arrangement.
  •              Hoarders –people have a fear that something bad will take place if they throw anything away.

Signs & symptoms

People who have OCD may show symptoms of compulsions, obsessions, or both. These symptoms can become the cause of hindrance in all aspects of life, including school, work, and personal relationships.

Compulsions – these refer to repetitive behaviors that a person having OCD driven by the urge to do something repetitively in response to an obsessive thought. They include:

  • Excessive cleaning or hand-washing
  • Arranging things in a particular way
  • Compulsive counting
  • Frequently checking on things, e.g. repeatedly checking if the door is locked or not.

 Obsessions – they are constant urges, thoughts, or illusions that lead to anxiety. Common symptoms are:

  • Aggressive or dangerous towards others or self
  • Afraid of germs or contamination
  • Want things symmetrical or in a proper order
  • Unwanted taboo thoughts involving religion, sex, and harm.

In some cases, people with OCD also have a tic disorder. Motor tics include brief, sudden, frequent movements, like eye blinking or other eye movements, shoulder shrugging, facial grimacing, and head or shoulder jerking. Common vocal tics are repetitive sniffing, throat-clearing, or grunting sounds.

your smart phone is more harmful than you think!


Nowadays, one in every five people in the world owns a Smartphone. The popularity of these incredible little devices is increasing day by day, alongside our obsession of own one. We are so used to our smart-phones that we feel like we can’t live without it – luckily – you usually don’t have to. They help us to stay connected as well as updated, organized and entertained.

These little devices have eliminated our need for an alarm clock, notepads, address books, and cameras. Along with so many benefits, they bring along a handful of other health problems. In case of any serious health issue do seek your healthcare provider’s help and find the best doctors in Bangalore with cost-effective medical service in Bangalore.

  1. It affects your eyes

Spending a couple of consecutive hours staring at your smart-phone can put your eyes under risks including dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, blinking less, and general eyestrain especially if you already have untreated eye problems.

  1. Make you feel more depressed

Studies suggest the link between frequent social media use and depression. Being constantly viewing images of everyone looking successful as well as happy results in unhealthy and inaccurate comparisons and lowering feelings of self-worth.

  1. It can stimulate nomophobia or the fear of living without phone

You feel safe and secure from having a fully charged phone in your hand. Nomophobia is opposite, which will make you think that you are not safe without a phone in your hand.

  1. It may give you “Rinxiety” or “Phantom pocket vibration syndrome

This condition refers to anxiety comes from missed messages and phone calls and the more you check your phone, the worse it becomes.

  1. It could weaken your memory

Having a smart-phone in hand, there is no reason to memorize things as you know you can easily look up such as phone numbers, birthday or anniversary reminder, and daily tasks. When you stop memorizing figures and facts, your power to remember things get a little rusty.

  1. It shrinks your self-esteem

Smart-phones give people the power to filter everything about their daily life and display the best parts in the public. All this makes you feel bad about living your real life.

  1. It triggers the sense of jealousy

Your smart-phone updates and connects you to all the awesome things everyone else is doing in their lives. After seeing all this you can get the feel of jealousy, hence it is a trigger.

  1. It can cause your weight gain

The phone is the biggest distraction, especially at mealtime. While scrolling through your Facebook feed, you tend to put your attention when your body sends the signal to stop eating. Hence, it contributes to excess eating, which can lead to weight gain.

  1. It put a halt on the growth of your social skills

A phone is a way of interacting people in any social situation. It is a barrier that could hinder your development of proper communication skills.

  1. Interferes with your sleep

If you’re one among those who use some kind of electronic device during the time before bed, the artificial blue light from these devices could suppress the hormones that induce sleep and make it more difficult to sleep.