4 easy weight loss foods for breakfast

4 easy weight loss foods for breakfast

Being a person with higher waistline number not only make you socially conscious but also more susceptible to certain diseases. Accumulation of more fat around the waistline can also be the sign of pre-diabetes.

Although you early want to lose weight, it is highly recommendable to never skip your breakfast. Make sure you begin your day with a healthy meal such as having most kinds of nutrients and vitamins. Find the best doctor in Bangalore with Cureplus.

According to the experts, after a deep sleep and long fasting our body need something wholesome to eat.

Foods for weight loss

Those who want to maintain the perfect size of their waistline, remember to include certain kinds of foods which will help them stay full thus preventing any chance of constant binge eating.

  • Barley

This whole grain is nutrient-rich and extremely low in glycemic index. It has various types of vitamins like vitamin B1 & B3, selenium, zinc, and copper. Fiber helps you feel full and have very fewer calories that make the fiber present in barley extremely effective for weight loss.

Barley is also loaded with both soluble and insoluble fiber. It reduces constipation and washes off toxic waste from the stomach.

  • Cinnamon

This spice is well known for its rich flavor and medicinal properties. It helps prevent fat build-up and enables you to lose weight easily. In addition, it interferes with the process how sugar is metabolized by the body and prevents the conversion of the metabolized sugar into fat.

It makes the weight loss process even easier by reducing your blood sugar levels to keep away your sugar cravings.

  • Flaxseeds

These seeds are the some of the important ingredients to include in weight loss program. The seeds are loaded with fiber, lignans, and omega 3 fatty acids with a low content of carbohydrates.

Grounded flaxseeds contain various vitamins, which help in promoting good health and encourage a healthy weight loss.

  • Apples

This fruit is the highly recommended in most weight loss diets as it is one among the healthiest fruits. It is boosted with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Apples help in reducing visceral belly fat, which is usually found in obese people. The polyphenols present in apple plays a male role in enhancing the metabolism of all types of body fat.


All about hypervitaminosis A

All about hypervitaminosis A

Hypervitaminosis – It is a condition when you have an excess of vitamin A in your body.

Causes of hypervitaminosis

There are two types of hypervitaminosis acute or chronic.

  • Acute hypervitaminosis occurs when you consume large amounts of vitamin A over a short period of time, usually within a few hours or days. Now its very easy to approach blood donors in Bangalore with Cureplus. 
  •      Whereas, chronic hypervitaminosis occurs when there is an accumulation of large amounts of vitamin A in your body over a long period of time.

Signs & symptoms

  • Bone pain
  • Swelling
  • Blurred vision
  • Abnormal softening of the skull bone
  • Changes in consciousness
  • Bulging fontanelle
  • Dizziness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Double vision
  • Drowsiness
  • Hair loss or oily hair
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Liver damage
  • Increased pressure in the skull
  • Nausea
  • Vision changes
  • Vomiting
  • Unhealthy weight gain
  • Skin problems including cracking at corners of the mouth, oily skin, highly sensitive towards sunlight, itching, peeling, and yellowish skin color.

Sources of vitamin A

  • Eggs
  • Dark fruits
  • Milk
  • Tomato products
  • Orange and yellow vegetables
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Some vegetable oils
  • Fortified foods
  • Fish and fish oils
  • Fortified foods such as cereal

Complications & health risks associated with hypervitaminosis

  • Osteoporosis
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney problem due to excess of calcium
  • In pregnant woman excess of vitamin A may cause defects in the fetus.


The most common and effective treatment for hypervitaminosis is to refrain taking a higher dose of vitamin A supplements. Most of the people with hypervitaminosis recover within a few weeks.

common causes of flatulence

common causes of flatulence.jpg

What is flatulence?

Flatulence is very common. It is a medical term for passing gas from the digestive system through the anus. It happens when gas gets accumulate inside the digestive system. Get in touch with the best doctors in Bangalore with Cureplus.

Causes of flatulence

  • Beans

An oligosaccharide is a complex carbohydrate found in beans is hard to digest. If you soak the beans overnight, discard the soaking water and cook beans well can reduce the flatulence.

  • Elimination of good bacteria

Lack of good bacteria in the guts can lead to excessive flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive problems. This occurs due to excessive intake of anti-biotic, taking a large amount of sugar and refined flour, consuming pastries and cakes, and non-vegetarian food, which could eradicate colonic flora.

  • Intolerance and allergy

Lactose intolerance and allergic reactions towards milk can increase the accumulation of gas. People having poor tolerance towards foods having high fructose corn syrup and yeast can lead to a lot of stomach cramps and gas formation.

  • Diet high in fiber and carbohydrate

Usually, a diet including lots of starchy foods such as wheat, potato, and past can cause flatulence. Flatulence can result in discomfort and belching.

  • Few vegetables

Vegetables including broccoli, cabbage, onions, turnips, cauliflower, and ginger can cause some gas formation too.

  • Some health conditions

Health conditions like diarrhea, anemia, hemorrhoids, constipation, stomach infection and irritable bowel syndrome can cause flatulence.

calcium-an essential mineral for women’s health

calcium-an essential mineral for women_s health

Most of the women are not aware of the vital role that calcium plays in their health, which is why most of the women suffer due to deficiency of this mineral. Calcium is really important mineral during adolescence and old age, especially for bone health.

This mineral is widely found in the human body with nearly 99% being present in the bones and teeth. Thus, calcium has a very important role in growth and maintenance of strong bones, lack of calcium may result in a condition called osteoporosis. Find the best diagnostic centers in Bangalore with Cureplus.

Role of calcium

  1. Prevent osteoporosis

It is very important for children as well as youngsters to take calcium. Girls usually reach their peak bone density by adolescence & begin shedding bone mass as they get old. Girls should take enough of calcium during their teens in order to start their adult lives with health and strong bones. An insufficient intake of calcium increases the risk of getting osteoporosis.

  1. Keeps you fit & slim

Calcium has a major hand in weight management and weight loss. Studies suggest that taking high amounts of calcium encourage weight loss. According to the experts, calcium may bind with fat in the intestine and doesn’t allow your body from absorbing it.

  1. Avoid pre-menstrual syndrome

Calcium is one among the very few natural supplements that have shown positive results to help women with PMS. Women with lack of calcium in the diet react against progesterone and estrogen, stimulating PMS symptoms. So, to curb PMS symptoms is very important to maintain an optimal level of calcium.  

  1. Prevent skin damage

Calcium deficiency results in the appearance of whitish spots on the face. A calcium-rich diet helps to get rid of the white spots and restore the natural glow of the skin.

Foods rich in calcium

  • Raw milk
  • Cheese
  • Almonds
  • Soybean
  • Yoghurt
  • Ladies finger
  • Finger millet
  • Dry fruits
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sardines
  • Dark green leafy vegetables
  • Fortified cereals
  • Fortified orange juice

eat right to keep your smile bright

Woman biting into a stick of celery

A healthy smile is not only limited to brushing and cleaning teeth regularly but every bite you eat also affects the oral health. So, be very wise while choosing food to munch on. http://cure.plus helps you to find a doctor nearby.

Given below are some important dietary guidelines to improve oral health.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Water is not only an essential component to keep your body healthy, but also to keep your smile bright as always. It helps in brushing away food particles. Fluoride present in water helps to reduce cavities risk.

  1. Fat fiber and wholegrain

High-fiber foods induce saliva flow that protects your teeth. Wholegrain foods such as bananas, apples, peanuts, almonds, and oranges, are really beneficial for teeth, gums, and bones.

  1. Try to avoid snacking between meals

It takes around 20-30 minutes for saliva to start protecting your teeth after a meal. If you have three meals a day without any snacks, it will provide the much-needed time for saliva to protect teeth.

  1. Cut down acidic foods and drinks

Dental erosion causes because of softening and subsequent wearing off of the tooth surface. This condition is caused by exposure to acidic drinks and foods.

  1. Limit foods high in refined sugars

Natural sugar is better for your health and teeth compared to refined sugar. Try to maintain a good distance from snacks including lollies and sweets.

  1. Consume foods rich in calcium

Calcium is highly needed for strong and healthy teeth. Sources of calcium are broccoli, yogurt, cheese, and almonds.

  1. Chew sugar-free gum

Gum has a cleansing effect on teeth and encourages saliva flow. Chewing xylitol gum has potentially shown a positive result in a decrease a number of bacteria in the mouth and also buffers the teeth against the effects of acid.

  1. Be aware of hard foods

Biting on hard foods such as lollies and ice cubes can damage the teeth as well as fillings.

  1. Healthy diet is essential for gum health

Taking a well-balanced diet can help in resisting gum disease and oral soft tissue infections. Malnutrition can intensify periodontal diseases.

  1. Quit alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol, tobacco, and coffee can cause staining to teeth and certain chemicals present in them can even lead to wear of teeth.

myths & facts about cholera

Myths & facts about cholera

What is cholera? – It is an infectious disease that leads to severe watery diarrhea, which may result in dehydration and death if left unnoticed. The main cause of cholera is a bacterium called Vibrio Chlorate that contaminates drinking water or food.

Cholera bacterium has two distinct phases – one in the environment and second in a human being.Now you can easily find doctors in Bangalore with http://cure.plus/

Signs & symptoms

 Symptoms may vary from mild to serious:

  • Diarrhea and vomiting, usually with a fishy odor
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Paced heart rate
  • Sunken eyes
  • Low blood pressure
  • Wrinkled hands
  • Change of skin color to bluish
  • Dry mucous membrane
  • Thirst
  • Muscle cramps
  • Reduced urine frequency
  • Seizure or coma


  • Only an infected person can spread cholera.
  • The chances of cholera turn fatal are rare.
  • Oral rehydration solution is not really an effective to treat cholera.
  • It cannot be prevented.
  • The symptoms of cholera can be seen at initial stages.


  • People who live in unhygienic ways are prone to cholera. It also spreads if the environment you are living is unhealthy.
  • An acute diarrheal disease can cause death if left untreated.
  • According to WHO, nearly 80% cases can be successfully get cured with the help of Oral rehydration solution (ORS).
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygienic living conditions to prevent cholera.
  • Around, 75% of people with cholera do not show any symptoms.

4 vitamin supplements for woman with PCOS

4 Vitamin supplements for woman with PCOS.jpg

PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome is a health disorder characterized by higher amounts of the male hormones called androgens. Women who are having PCOS also have insulin resistance, which results in unwanted weight gain, lack of ovulation, anovulation, and inability to conceive.

In such cases, it becomes very important to watch over your lifestyle, and also take essential nutrients as well as vitamins into your diet. However, the vitamin requirements may vary from one person to another, which depends on medical background, body type, lifestyle and genetic factors. Do consult with healthcare provider before having any of the below-given vitamins. Get the benefits of cost-effective medical service in Bangalore.

Here are 4 essential vitamins for women with PCOS.


It is also known as vitamin B8. This vitamin improves the symptoms and ovulatory functions.  

Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D also causes PCOS among women. If vitamin D is supplied regularly, this will help in regulating insulin resistance and symptoms of PCOS.

Folic acid

Also called by another name vitamin B9, folic acid is usually given along with inositol to cure PCOS. When consumed together, both the nutrients can improve ovulatory symptoms and insulin resistance.

Omega 3

Studies that Omega-3 supplements decrease your androgen levels and help in improving PCOS symptoms.