Early warning signs of Schizophrenia

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What is schizophrenia? – It is a serious disorder associated with a brain that affects nearly one percent of the population. People with this condition may have symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, trouble with concentration and thinking, and lack of motivation. Although there is no treatment for schizophrenia, these symptoms can be treated that will immensely improve the mental health of a schizophrenic person over time. Get the benefits of affordable healthcare in Bangalore.

Early signs of schizophrenia

The signs of schizophrenia may vary from person to person. The early behavioral signs of schizophrenia include:

  • Strange body positioning
  • Seeing or hearing that isn’t present
  • Peculiar way of writing or speaking
  • A constant feeling of being observed
  • Feeling strange to very important situations

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Homocysteine – another major cause of heart disease

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Previously, only elevated levels of cholesterol were the major risk factor for a heart disease, but the latest research has come up with another cause of cardiac disease. Recent studies suggest that it not necessary to have high cholesterol for a person to suffer from heart attack. Over the past few years, homocysteine is grabbing all the limelight as a cause of heart disease. Find the nearby diagnostic centers in Bangalore with Cureplus.

What is homocysteine?

Homocysteine is an amino acid produced by the body by chemically changing adenosine. This amino acid is usually harmless if our body is metabolizing it properly. But, if it isn’t, then amino acid would accumulate in higher quantities in the blood, which leads to higher risk of cardiovascular disease including strokes and heart attacks.

Higher levels of homocysteine in the blood are also associated with blood clots and atherosclerosis.

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